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If you are taking a look at your life, and would like a little help clarifying what you really, really want - I recommend our free download 50 Power Questions.

If you are interested in becoming a coach yourself, or building your practice, I've created many business coaching tools to help you do just that.

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50 Power Questions

Download these very useful questions to use first on your own life, and then with your clients. A great basis for any coaching session.

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We've negotiated some great training specials with some of the top coaching schools around the globe. Read reviews of these schools, and download the free 'Independent Report on Coach Training and Certification'.

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Would you like us to create a client quiz and host it for you? (You don't even need a web site!) So your prospects can set their top three goals, and then ask for your help to review their goals report, and you turn them into clients? Believe it or not, this is currently a free service for coaches.

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Behind the scenes of running a business, getting personal with David and out of the box thoughts. Post your comments and let us know what you think.

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Power Solutions for Coaches and Service Professionals

Get Paid For Who You Are

The secret to your success is within your grasp. It’s inside you. Whatever you’re passionate about, or what you’re good at, can turn into money. It’s that simple.

The key is a simple internet-based business focused on what you care about most – what makes you . . . well, you.

Get Paid for Who You Are

First Fifty Clients

How to get your first fifty clients - without being 'pushy'. Lessons from my speech delivered to the ICFA Conference. (online recording)

First Fifty Clients

10 Super Coaches Share Their Secrets

What's the fastest way to a build a thriving coaching practice? Get inside the minds of people like you who've built a hugely profitable practice from scratch -- and learn exactly how they did it. In this e-book are interviews with top coaches on how they built successful coaching businesses.

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The CoachStart™ Manual

A step by step guide to building your coaching practice. David has compiled everything he knows about starting up your coaching practice - including the basis of a training school's business building curriculum - into a valuable, information packed Manual.


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A 5-CD set of proven practice building secrets to give you more clients than you can handle. Listen in on actual coach mentoring sessions and find out what really works.


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CoachStart™ Mentoring Program

I work with people wanting an entry to the profession of life coaching, and with practising coaches wanting a 'business accelerator' from a senior coach.

Have David speak to your company or group

David speaks on filling your professional practice, internet marketing, automating everything to free up your time, and emotional firewalking.

"I'm not easily impressed but must say that you guys represent one of the few companies in existence today which truly does give more than what I pay you. I'm constantly amazed. Thank you for just being who you are!"

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50 Power Questionsfree

Download these very useful questions to use first on your own life, and then with your clients. A great basis for any coaching session.

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Life coaching newsletter on having MORE in your life. More fun, more love, more excitement, more peace.

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What Every Man MUST Know (In and out of bed). Learn how to create more fun, more sex and more understanding in your relationship.

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"Talk about overwhelming support. Thanks guys. I am one happy customer with your service."

Lauryn Meredith
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[This is an excert from the CoachStart Manual]

Coaching is essentially a conversation between a coach and his or her client, starting with the aim of helping the client to live a fulfilling life.

This is most often achieved by helping the client:

(a) Set goals that will add significantly to your client’s life (or as I like to say, and ‘put a BIG smile on your face’).

(b) To achieve those goals.

In this way, coaching can be broken down into two halves and this is a great way to communicate coaching to prospective clients.

You may also help the client live a more fulfilling life by helping them to increase their level of self-awareness. This alone can help someone move forward in any area.

Of course, sometimes the client may want to achieve a specific goal that the coach may not agree with (that achieving that goal will not add significantly to that person’s life). In such a situation, the coach may point this out — either immediately, or over time — and will still be willing to work on achieving the goal.

A coach will provide many things during this process, such as:

a) Challenge to expand the thinking process and make bold new decisions. Someone daring you to go further than you ever have before is also an extremely powerful way to break old habits and forge new boundaries.

b) Direction in times of confusion, opinion and if necessary, advice. Once again, the power of a fresh set of eyes to interpret a new perspective on a situation is often invaluable during the coaching process.

c) Brainstorming to flesh out new ideas.

d) Acknowledgement and validation This cannot be stressed enough. The coach who only focuses with the client on what is missing and what needs to be done, deserves to lose the client.

Read more here: CoachStart Manual




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