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Life Coaching Areas

While I focus on new coaches entering the field, women in relationships, career direction, and executives, below are some other areas where I have successfully coached clients. I will consider coaching in these areas on a case by case basis:

Relationships Become a Coach
Get organized/uncluttered Design Perfect Lifestyle
Peace/Reduce Stress
Personal Growth Switch/Improve Career
Find Life Direction
Small Business Coaching & Entrepreneurs Corporate Coaching
Executive Coaching  


Who I do not coach:

  • People requiring financial coaching. My clients are those who have money handled - at least to the extent that it's not the major issue in their life. I will only help people get out of debt, organize their finances or increase their income if it is clearly a side issue for them.
  • People suffering from strong apathy and/or boredom, I recommend you use a coach specializing in this area. My clients are ready to be motivated, or motivated and looking for direction or support.
  • People requiring therapy or counseling instead of coaching. I do not coach people who feel their life has "fallen apart"; therapy might be more appropriate for such a case. I coach people who feel most areas of their life are going quite well, but there's one area they know could be much better.
  • People looking for a short term fix. I am interested in partnerships of 3-12 months, where we can really create some lasting change and results. If you're hoping to get a very short term issue handled in 3-4 weeks, I'm not the right coach for you.


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