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Life Coaching

LIFE'S JOURNEY is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy shit, what a ride!" - Mavis Leyrer age 83

Who I Work With

a) People ready to become a life coach, or to build their coaching business. (life coach success)

b) Entrepreneurs wanting to build, or start, their own small business (business coaching).

c) People ready to find the career they were made for (career coaching), and

d) Executives and managers ready to make changes in their business or personal life (executive coaching)

Other Life Coaching Areas


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David Wood
Professional Life Coach
Raving Entrepreneur
Hangglider Pilot
Standup Comedian
West Wing Fan
Bad Singer

Phone Coaching:
All coaching is by phone around the world, and I cover the cost of calls. 13 countries to date. Times are changing, aren't they?



I currently work with a very small number of clients (I'm fortunate enough to now have another source of income, and can coach for the joy and stimulation of it).

Here's what I'm looking for in the people I coach:

  • a positive attitude
  • asks 'what can I do' rather than blaming
  • grateful for what they have
  • excited about possibilities
  • have some or many areas of their life already working well
  • can afford my coaching fees without 'breaking the bank

Who Is This Guy?

I left a cushy consulting job in New York (an actuary working with Fortune 50 companies, believe it or not) to return home to Australia and follow my boyhood rock and roll dream. Despite a shocking singing voice, I actually got paid for it, and once even embarrassed myself on TV (embarrassing video and pics).

In 1998 I found out there was a career where you can actually help people make big life changes, and get paid! As I'd been trained as a coach by Landmark Education (more), and LOVE coaching, I jumped at it.

With all the coaches on the net, you're probably trying to work out if I really know what I'm doing. So I'll start with the impressive part - the things that look really good. I've:

  • Coached 1,250 hours by phone in 15 countries around the world (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Japan)
  • Mentored 70 coaches
  • Coached on national TV and radio
  • Been certified as a PCC by the International Coach Federation based in Washington DC (more)
  • Served as Chairman of the ICF Publicity Committee (US)
  • Founded a global coach training school
  • Set up a successful online business so I now get paid while I sleep (more)

The Whole Picture

OK, now that I've tooted my own horn - I want you to know something just as important as the above points: I'm not a guru! My life isn't perfect. While I may look it, I don't have it all worked out and I'm in fact very, very human.

I'm often judgmental, righteous, arrogant, stingy, lustful, defensive, stressed, angry and scared. I watch TV, drink beer, eat sugar - rarely do yoga, and exercise at random. (So if you're looking for a coach with a perfect life, I can save you the time right now!)

And...<grin>...I'm excited about life - every day. I'm excited about what we can do in our relationships, our careers, our businesses, and how much fun we can have! And....I'm grateful to be living a truly amazing life.

Video Clip (10 min)

Coaching Fees & Commitment

Personal Coaching and Business Coaching are in 3 month blocks, and include cyber coaching and interim "power" calls as required. The coaching fee is US$11,000 for 6 months and US$6,000 for 3 months. You may terminate coaching at the end of any four week cycle (receiving a refund for the unused portion being prorata of the full amount less a $395 set up fee). Life Coaching info


Important: While my fees are quite standard for good business or executive coaching, for purely personal coaching they are higher than average. If $6000 is too much for you to spend just on your personal life, then please consider working with another coach, or try one of the solutions on this site.



By now you should have a feel for who I am, and if you would like to make some waves together.

If you're leaning away from us working together, then please keep researching, and best of luck with your goals! I hope you'll take away my newsletter so we can stay in touch.

And if you connect with something at my site and feel like you might really benefit from working together, then I invite you to click this link:


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CoachStart Mentoring Program (for new coaches)



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