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David Wood PCC
Certified Life Coach

Is it time you did something meaningful and fulfilling, and got paid for it?

I started life as an actuary. Good money, and nice perks - but I reached a point where I realised there was more to life. Now some of my most rewarding coaching is to help people to find what they are truly passionate about, and to develop a plan which allows them to transition into that career.

You'll get about 20% career guidance and career advice, and 80% career coaching - where I'll help you find your own answers and convert them into action.

I can support you to:

  • Identify Your Values
  • Find what you are passionate about: what you love, what you hate
  • Develop possible career paths
  • Develop strategies for entering that career
  • Develop an action plan for your career switch
  • Think bigger than you might on your own
  • Discover your own career advice
  • Stay motivated and in action until you are on your new path
  • Start a new business


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