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A free plug for this personal development course.

(Note: If you did the Forum and would like to send me a testimonial for this page, please .

Hi, I got my start in coaching through Landmark Education - as well as a huge change in how much I'm enjoying my life. I've sent so many people there who have since raved about the difference these courses have made to their lives - I decided to put up a page about it.

No - I don't get a toaster or commission for this, and Yes, Landmark should give me free shares in the company for the number of people I've sent there.

(Note: Before doing any courses, please read the disclaimer at the end.)

My own experience

The list of changes is long: People - including me - started wondering why some of the staff at my company would sit in my office and sometimes cry - it turned out I had become a safe space to talk to about anything. Scared of singing, I took my guitar in public for the first time, and that day ended up singing Johhny B Good over the PA system of the airplane on the way to the Bahamas! I quit a lucrative consulting job in New York, overcame a bad singing voice to become a professional entertainer (one man band for pubs and parties), and then took up a career as a professional coach and speaker. I told my mother I loved her for the first time ever, which led to her telling HER 83 year old mother she loved her - just a year before she died. And, I've changed countless lives by encouraging other people to do the course, then they impact more lives. Have I written enough yet?

Some letters from people who I've suggested do this.....

"It was really late on the Sunday evening and I was talking to someone during the meal break and she explained to me what "being" was (that was the bit I just really wasn't taking in). So I'm there and suddenly a whole new world of things I can achieve by being this way has opened up for me. I have spoken to my ex-husband Roy and acknowledged him for paying the mortgage and supporting the kids (he was speechless to say the least!), I thanked my mum for her support and told her I loved her (we never do that stuff). I'm seeing Roy's parents tomorrow and I am going to do the same with them. There is a long way to go but things are just so different already and the next 10 weeks will help me put my training into use. I stood up on Sunday and thanked you for introducing me to the forum and I can see now how I can live my life and just be me. I can't thank you enough for that David. It was one hell of a ride and even now my head is still spinning and my stomach won't settle but I'm really enjoying it!

PS I actually managed to help a friend today who is close to hitting rock bottom (which I hadn't realized) and I was able to help her start her climb back up (and yes I did tell her about the forum), I can definitely see coaching in my future.

Diane, England"


"David, I am very glad to be on your mailing list. My life is WONDERFUL. Certainly, not perfect but super. Three weeks ago (per your advice) I completed the forum, and am currently following it up with the seminar series. I'm registered for the advanced course in September. Old goals are becoming complete, yet I KNOW they are actually new vistas and I embrace this possibility. Wow, (as a psychologist) I thought I knew how to listen before....I can not wait to employ some of the new life awareness/distinctions with my clients. In November I'll be moving to Hawaii to complete/start another dream. I am working on defining what I am actually committed to. What a surprisingly restful experience to have committed to a thing! All the best,

Jim Manley, USA"


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will it change my life?

I'd guess the chances are 90% it will make an impact, and 70% it will make a dramatic impact.

2) Is it a cult?

I think they're pretty intense, but I also think that's how they get their results. There are no sacrifices of live chickens, and if you want to leave the course or not pursue any other courses, then I suggest you use your free will! They've also softened a lot in the last year or two.

3) Do they brainwash you?

Yes - most brains could use washing. But seriously, I think there is an element of group-think about it. But the bottom line is: when you leave the course, you'll keep and use what you want to, and drop what you don't. Remember, it's this dynamic which makes it so much more valuable than just reading a book.

4) Are they weird?

Yes - they smile way too much, and wear name tags ALL the time.

5) Should I do it?

Depends on your values. I'm up for experience, learning and living. So to do something like this is simply a given for me. Make your own choice. But consider, there are a lot of things you'll spend $400 and three days of your life on that don't do a thing for you. Their methods are unusual, their results unparalleled.



If you get the idea I support or endorse Landmark Education - you're right! And - the course can be intense, creating stress and a whole lot worse. Read their forms and disclaimers carefully, and take them seriously. SolutionBox™ and David Wood take no responsibility for any choices you make concerning doing or not doing the course. Like anything in life, you're responsible for everything you do, and everything you get! Would you want it any other way?


David Wood

(Note: If you did the Forum and would like to send me a testimonial for this page, please click here.)


Oh, you want to find them? Landmark Education.

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